New year, New site, 1st blog πŸ˜Š

Well it’s 2018 and I’m sure this year is gonna be full of challenges, but 1st I’m tell you a little about myself , and how I got into athletics .

As a school boy I always loved running, loved the freedom of just running fast ! I was one of those kids who loved sports days especially when it came to the running events πŸ‘ I often ran the 100m and often won πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š . I used to love hear people cheering my name, it felt great.

Life changed when I left school tho, I gave up athletics and got a job as a printer and started a family. Had a little boy ( Ben) who has autism , which has its own challenges , but love him to bits.

I did however make a return to running back in 2009, just to get myself back into shape. Β It was hard at first, running a mile was a task in its self, but ever so slowly gained my fitness back and starting running on more a regular bases, 3-4 times a week. As time went on Millage creeped up and started getting more competitive, I decided to join a running club ( Sleaford Striders ) meet some fantastic people and started training for my first Half Marathon , the Sleaford Half 2011, I had a time in mind ( sub 2 hours ) . Training went very well and I even convinced 2 work colleagues to do the race to. Race day arrived and I had one of my fellow Striders to pace the race for me ( Terry Grant ) he did an amazing job, encouraged me all the way, giving me kicks up the backside when I needed it. I was on course for the time I wanted up till mile 10ish , I remember that hill , cardiac hill it was called, that just zapped my energy , had to really rally myself, Terry gave me a lot of encouragement at this point. I remember seeing that finish line and coming onto the grass section, I was working so hard at this point giving everything I’ve got, and crossed the line in 2hrs an 2min. Gutted, so close , but I knew I gave it everything . But I did let that put me off, the same year I entered my 2nd Half and smashed my PB 1h 53min in Newark.


Piture above taken at my first 10mile road race ( Heckington Show 10)

In 2012 I ran a few more races for Sleaford before changing clubs.




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Above you’ll see the Sheffield Half, this race i loved, it’s one that sticks out in my mind , the atmos was awesome and I got to finish in Don Valley stadium , it was amazing. Also you’ll see the Sleaford Half , Lincoln 10k, and Woodhall Spa 10k.

A new challenge came that year with joining Lincoln Wellington , I knew my training was going to get taken up a notch. I got coached by Gary Warhurst , who played a Hugh part in my development over the next few years. New training group and new friends made 😊 In this group I met Sophie Cowper who really inspired me, her grit and determination was amazing, oh and she was quick, but I used to let her beat me on a few occasions lol πŸ˜†πŸ˜† ( who am I kidding ) Β nah, couldn’t get nowhere near her, but I knew she would be going places, and she has, she’s now mixing it up with the best of them. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»



You’ll see above a few random shots of my 1st and 2nd seasons in a Lincoln vest, road and XC. I actually enjoyed my 1st season of XC, suppose can’t know what to expect.. Training was going great tho and progress was there. Gary had faith in me and that helped πŸ‘ Suppose what I lacked was self believe , never was a confident person, but i knew how to give things 100% and always worked so hard in trading and races.

Ok well that’s a little bit more about me, I’ll dive into my sprinting times in my next blog, and pick up where i left off her about my distance time, and trying to take on the marathon, and more XC.

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