Ok I’ve decided to ditch my old site due to a few complications . So welcome to my new site, hopefully be able to blog a lot more regularly now and keep you posted with training and race updates, and maybe an insight into my hectic family life 😉

I’ll start off by introducing myself, my name is Brian, I’m 37 years old and I’m a 400m sprinter. I run for Lincoln Wellington


Ive been a member here since 2012. I took up sprinting 2 years ago , the training is completely different to the distance running I was use to ! Weight training, ploy metrics plays a big part of my weekly training F154E7B9-9684-4851-B680-718F07E3A1CC

track and grass session makes the rest of my hectic week 😊. So let’s start where I am as of January 2018 . Got an easy week this week due to the Northern Indoor Champs on Saturday, my first 400m of the year, fingers crossed I’ll put in a good performance 🤞. So this week has consisted of a light track session with a few block starts and a light gym session, core work and stretching .

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