First Race of 2018


Ok 2018 hasn’t got Of to a great start ( race wise), I was in Sheffield at the EIS on Saturday for the Northern Champs. I had the 400m to contend with. Now I knew I wasn’t going through to the semis , so had to focus on my heat and a good performance. Getting there an 1 hour and a half before my race left me time to warm up and chill out for a bit before the call up. During the warm up I felt fine, pretty sharp I thought! Leaving the block practice until last , just so I’ve got that feeling fresh in my mine. Call up came and I got put into my heat, I was hoping to get put into the heat with the other Master I knew, Kevin Pie, but was not to be, and I was stuck in with the young wiper snappers 😆. Felt relaxed, no pressure on me. The heat got called up, we were on next, got chatting to the official lady for a while, ( a Masters lady ) she smiled and got taking to me about her place in the London Marathon this year, she said “ you’ve got the build for a marathon, surprised your not a distance runner ! I smiled and said “ I was “ 😊

Onto the Track I went, set my blocks up, had 1 practice start, felt good, so I’m ready… Starter calls for it, gun goes , and we’re off ! Good out of the blocks, powering round the first 2 corners, but at the back coming to the break on the home straight, tucked into lane 1 and with 1 lap to go on my own and trying to keep strong round the last 2 bends. Last turn and I’ve got the home straight to myself 🙄. Crossed to line in 61.84,☹️ Gutted. Thinking I was in better shape, but what’s happened has happened.

Hopfully things will get better 😊


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