The importance of recovery!

How much do you prioritise recovery ? Well I’m sure over the years we’ve all neglected this side of running, I’m guilty of this to! You know what it’s like, you e come back from a hard session, long run, or just a tired legged run, and just collapsed on the sofa ! But it’s important to get your recovery underway straight away! First thing I do if it’s a long run or a hard work out, is fix myself a shake, this normally contains, a banana, mango pieces, or strawberries or blueberries ( depending on which fruits I have in at the time) scoop of chocolate protein powder, almond milk, and your away! So that’s my shake down, now depending on how I feel, I’ll either jump in the shower or a hot bath with Epson salts, helps aching muscles. The massage gun ( below 👇🏻) is probably the best tool I have, these are so so good ! I spend about 30 minutes after each run on this. I always seem to suffer with tight glutes and hamstrings, but the massage gun gets deep into these muscles and help me so much with any soreness.

Now a lot of people on Strava my see my recovery runs I do in the evenings, and as you see these are done at recovery pace. Now I take no notice of my pace on these runs, these are very very easy, the hole point of these runs is to shake out any lactic acid, and get the blood pumping around the legs, just so I can stretch out later ! It’s easier to stretch out soft muscles the stiff and tight muscles!

Sleep, I try and get 8-9 hours per night of sleep, as we all know, sleep is when your best recovery happens and when your body absorbs your training you’ve done ! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s easier said then done getting these hours of sleep, and some nights I don’t even feel tired, but I try and listen to calming music to help relax me and help me drift off…

Other tools of my tread ☝️ are a foam roller, a spiky ball roller, and a stretch band.

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