Week 6 of Marathon Training

So my week started with a long run of 16 miles at Marathon pace, the weeks volume was toned down a bit due to racing the coming Sunday, so there would be no mid week long run. So the 16 miles I did on Monday i decided to do a looped course, which was 3 loops of 5 & 1/4 miles, I soon found my rhythm and got into my pace, I took 2 gels with me on the run and I planned to take them at the end of each loop. Weather was perfect on the day which made a change normally it’s been blowing a gale every time I’ve marathon paced work 😆. Hit my target pace no problem after my first loop, took my gel ( which was from High 5) and onto the 2nd loop, towards the end of this loop I took a tumble, sadly a person walking towards me wouldn’t step to one side so I stepped off the curb to go around them and as I came back into the curb my foot slipped and landed flat on my back,! Cut my knee and scuffed my hand! They did ask if I was okay, I jumped up and was on my way again, flicking the blood from my hand, which I hand to do most of the last loop, think the adrenaline carried me round that loop, but job done and happy with the result of the run…

Knee cut

My session I did on Wednesday which was 5x2k off 2min jog the 5min worth of 30sec on 30sec off. 2k times were pretty good, 7:12 7:20 7:11, 7:14, 7:13… The rest of the week was all easy running, a mixture of road runs and treadmill runs.The Half Marathon coming up in Nottingham on Sunday, was gonna be a good test of fitness to see where I am, I am setting out to really race this one, it’s a very flat course and 4.5 loops around a the water sports centre, that was one of the reasons I did a looped run on Monday..Weekly volume ended up around 74 miles ish.

Weekly volume

So yeah a bit of basic week, everything going to plan so far, but for now eyes on Nottingham Half, check back here mid week to see a race report. 👍🏻😊

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