2 weeks on after Manchester Marathon

So it’s been 2 weeks ( and a bit ) from completing Manchester Marathon, what’s been going on? How am I feeling?

Not much running took place in the first week, a couple of runs and a lot of walking ☺️ it actually felt quite nice not to double run in a day and just to chill. The day after a took myself out for a nice long walk to keep the legs moving, the day after I went out for about a 20 min run, nice and easy and just enjoy it.

Running through Victoria Park, and of course wearing my new Marathon T

In that first week, things were just sinking in and what I just accomplished! Going sub 3 was a huge ambition of mine and to be honest going back to the marathon I will have to have a big incentive to go back to the marathon, but as time went on I was finding incentive’s 😆 like finding out I’ve got the Good for age for London and Boston US, plus my watch giving me some great new race predictions!

Coros watch race predictions

So incentive’s are there, hmmm would love a 2:50 marathon 😂 oh no what’s happening! Running through the streets of Manchester was amazing, the crowds were great, so going to London Marathon does really appeal to me now.

Last week training wise I got back into regular training, no sessions though just run how I feel, manly easy exploring running, there are some great trails around here which I have been finding and loving.

Grantham Canal
Denton Reservoir

I managed a total of 46 miles last week and really enjoyed doing them. Managed a couple of steady to tempo runs to, one which was on the treadmill and a 10k time trial, I am taking it with a pinch of salt cause it’s on the treadmill but I set a time which was just over 35 minutes! Which surprised me, but we shall see what happens this year. Got my first race booked in which is a 10k coming up on the 21st of May, Deepings 10k.

It has been great running how I feel these past couple of weeks but I miss a little bit of structure, so over the next couple of weeks the structure will come back in and will start to build again.

So the build towards the Deepings 10k will being 👍🏻

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