Wow its nearly been 2 years since I’ve posted on here, but I’ve had quite a few ppl asking me for an update on my blog, so I’m now making the time and sat myself down to try and get updated !

Now sadly I can’t do detailed race reports because it’s been far to long and I’ve done quite few races in that time, but results I’ll post up….


Sept 30th West Pinchbeck 10k – 41:16

14th Oct Peterborough Half Marathon- 90:50


April 7th Lincoln 10k – 40:35

May 12th Lincolnshire County Champs 5000m 19:24 ( 4th position)

2nd June Hull 10k 40:26

8th September Saxilby 5k 19:10 PB !Just want to say a thank you to Holly Haywood who did a great job in racing with me and paced, Sadly got a terrible stitch about mile 2 so had back off the pace slightly, but it soon went and I pushed on to the finish…

First Pb in years !

22nd September West Pinchbeck 10k 40:13

27th October Leeds Abbey Dash 39:44 PB smashed and first time sub 40 mins

This day I remember so well, the first half of the race felt really tough, didn’t feel like I had it in me to go sub 40, but got half way splits and I was surprised to see I was on target, so I pushed on and latched onto the sub 40 pacer who did a fantastic job in keeping me motivated!

My coach Gary was so happy for me that, we worked so hard to get that moment, and I couldn’t have done it without him, Thank you .

Sadly later in the year we got told the course was measured short so resulted didn’t count, ! I was gutted..


8th March

British Masters Indoor Championship


First race of the year and first time racing 3k indoors, and got a PB of 10:44 .. The race was very tough, wow and it was so dry indoors to. Set off way to quickly and paid the price on the last 4 laps, died !!!

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