So what’s happened!!!?

Wow nearly 2 years on ! So sorry for not updating this site, life has been hectic, and, well like a tornado, spinning at 100mph !

Training has been going extremely well over the past 1 year and a bit, slowly increasing mileage and introducing harder longer reps. At the beginning of 2019 I had a very bad injury, it was on Father’s Day and on a family day out me and my step daughter was on a air pillow at a local play park, and sadly I fell wrong and my ankle went snap !!! I rolled straight off the air pillow to the floor, and I knew instantly there was something badly wrong, I felt sick, and in a lot of pain, couldn’t stand on my leg.

Thankfully the ankle wasn’t broken, tore muscles and tendons. Think it was 3-4 weeks before I was back into full training.

Training throughout the year was good, I even introduced more track work

Which has definitely helped my speed. Think was has surprised me throughout the year is the consistency of my rep splits.

Started the year about 45-50 miles a week and over time I managed to increase that to 61 miles per week.

Definitely been more disciplined in my recovery tho, as soon as I’ve finished my training especially efforts or long runs, I’m a firm believer in you had a 30min window to get nutrients into your body to aid recovery, so I’ll normally make myself a shake, get that into my body, then use my pulse massage gun , such a great piece of kit, works well for me, better than foam rolling.

But life isn’t that straight forward, especially now with 3 kids, think with my working hours has definitely helped me to train, I work 2-10pm so I have my mornings free to train,

I’ve kinda got myself into a nice routine with my training week, I switch from road to trails to track throughout the week. Monday’s I like to go off road and have an easy run onto some nice trails

I try and keep my effort reps either on the road or track, Tuesday I introduced a triple run day, where I did my efforts in the morning, get home recover, then an easy run to work, get changed there, then run home and that tends to be how I feel 🙂 . Mid week long run, either road or trail. Thursday efforts, Friday long run day ( before lockdown) during lockdown, steady run. Saturday rest day, Sunday medium long run ( before lockdown) long run during lockdown. I have to work training around family life, which is a juggling act with 3 kids, but I do it….

COVID 19 …

Since the hole COVID 19 came to our country, it hasn’t effected my training so to speak, only when I contracted the virus! It came on so so quick, I felt so ill, the morning when I contracted it, I tried to get out to train, I just couldn’t, I felt dizzy, sick , thought I was gonna collapse, this was in my first mile. So had to walk home, and it was a long walk home to. Felt worse when I got home, throat was so sore, had to lie down couldn’t stand. So wife called 111, and the ambulance crew came out and confirmed and treat me for the virus, I had to self isolate for 7 days and the family for 14 days. Those were hard times, felt so ill for a week, but as soon as it came on, it went !!!!

Got back into training pretty quick and felt good.

Had a solid 4 months worth of training, mileage solid, reps consistently good, and generally feeling good about training and the way it was going.. even picked my first Marathon to do, which my coach found for me.

2 weeks ago sadly I suffered a minor stress fracture in my left foot 😦

Couldn’t walk very well on it. Think if my work didn’t send me home I probably wouldn’t have gone to A and E to get this checked out.

It came on on my 17 mile long run, and had company on this run to Holly Haywood came with me for the last 7 miles, and in the final ; miles my foot really hurt, but I kept going and made it back to the car, as soon as I stopped it really hurt and stiffened up.

So where am I now ?! I’m using my bike to keep my cardio going I’m averaging 15-17miles per day, longest ride is 20 miles.

It’s keeping me active, so can’t complain,

I’ve got good friends who keep me sane lol thank you Sophie Cowper lol 😉 I miss running tho, hopefully be back into training very soon,

But I’ll keep you all posted, promise …….

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