Newark Half Marathon + training

This past Sunday I raced the Newark Half Marathon, this would be my first Half in about 4 yrs ! Now training had been going well in the build up to this race, managed to avoid pot holes 😆, it’s definitely been challenging in this heat we’ve been experiencing, but have still be getting out but the treadmill has been helping out when it has just been to hot out! So there has been a few sessions on there to get the quality in, also been running a lot near the coast line where it’s been fresher !

The morning of the Half Marathon comes around and I felt great, calm relaxed and ready to go, the heat on the day was definitely gonna play a big part in the race, so hand to be sensible with pace. I set out 5-10 secs slower, then tried to pick it up and relaxed into the race.

Walking to the start

The organisers put on extra water stations on course, which I took advantage of, even just to tip water over my head and shoulders to keep the body cool, but it started to hurt about mile 8, I went through 10 miles in about 64 min, but the last 5k was tough and the wheels started to come off so was maintaining pace as best I could , the last mile seemed to go on forever 😆 but seeing the village where we started definitely lifted me, and crossing that finish line just felt so good that day. I did come away with a 5 min Pb and in a time of 1:25..

Just settling into my pace, early part of the race
About mile 12, definitely hurting 😂 🥵
Coming into the finish

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