Gainsborough 10k

Final 10k of the year was last weekend, and I felt in great shape. Morning of the race I woke with typical race day nervous, but got myself sorted for the morning, usual breakfast ( Porridge and coffee, and an electrolyte drink) . I packed warm clothes cause the day before the weather had been awful! it was a cold ish morning, but as soon as the sun came out it turned out surprisingly warm. I was meeting my better half there ( Anna) who also was racing, we met up at the village hall, collected race numbers and I did my usual warm up, about a mile and a half jog with some strides. Then both walked to the start line, kissed and wished each other good luck, I left Anna and moved closer to the front.

Lead car…

We were seemed to be kept waiting at the start line for quite a while for some reason, but eventually we where off !

I settled into my rhythm quite quickly, wanted to stay about 5:50m/m, the first 5k when to plan and I was feeling pretty good, working but in control, we went through a section just before 5k where the tree coverage was thick, so the garmin couldn’t pick up a signal! Now it could have been easy to panic about pace, but many many times in training I run to feel, so running 5:50 pace I knew how that felt, so the watch was telling me I was going slower but I knew I wasn’t, stayed patient and come through that section and watch was reading right.

First corner

Just after that section, about mile 4 I got a terrible stitch down the right hand side, I had to pull the pace back about 20/30 seconds, controlled my breathing and rubbed my side, again not panicking kept the pace good I managed to dig in deep and keep pushing forward, final 3k to go the stitch was nearly gone so picked up the pace and gave it everything I had. The crowds were great encouragement and seeing the final bend was a great sight ! And especially seeing that clock and I was on for a great PB, so final push for 100m and crossed the line in 37:33, previous 10k time was 38:08. Happy with that but as runner you have thoughts in your mind, like what could have I done if I didn’t get that stitch !! But a PB is just that ! So happy runner 🏃🏼‍♂️

Final bend, seeing the finish line and clock !
Final 100m
Approaching the line

After crossing the line, receiving the medal and sausage roll 😆 , I went back to cheer on my girl, Anna came home looking very comfortable and controlled and completing the race which was her aim for the day, so very proud of her xx

Crossing the line xx
Happy runners 🏃‍♀️ 🏃🏼‍♂️

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