2022, that’s a wrap

As 2022 comes to a close, thought it would be a good time to reflect on the year. It’s the 20th of December, and was looking back on my performances throughout the year and training in general, and I have to say I think it’s been one of my best years of running, and life in general 😊

My year didn’t get the greatest of starts tho, January 1st news years day 10k and dropping out of that race at 5k ! I was gutted and I remember feeling very disappointed, but I was coming back from covid at the time, breathing in that race was so difficult…. But moving forward and putting that behind, I went into a marathon training block, my first proper marathon block, Boston marathon Uk. Training was great, no real problems at all throughout, and I was on course for a sub 3, but race day had other ideas, being sick at mile 15, and just finishing the race was the new plan, but finish I did and a base mark was drawn, 3:09.

I had some great races this year and even some great Pb’s, 5k – 18:00, 5mile – 30:08, 10k – 37:33, 10 mile – 63:29, Half Marathon – 85:40. Marathon – 3:09….. Some great local races to, Heckington 10 mile is always a special race for me, love it, coming 2nd Vet 40 and fastest local male this year. Competing in the first ever 11 mile 8 Sailed Windmill race was great, great course and coming home in 4th place over all, something special in finishing your hometown race.

Valentines 10k February
Heckington 10miles
8 Sailed Windmill 11 miles
Gainsborough 10k
Newark Half Marathon
Lincoln 5k race 3

A selection of race photos above 👆 😊

Training this year has seen another step up to, keeping the overall volume at a high level for me does seem to work, so after returning from my Marathon break, easing backing things, I kept the volume at around 65-70 miles per week, seems to be like a sweet spot, didn’t suffer any tiredness, and the only injury I suffered this year was when I put my foot in a hold while out on the trails, which made my ankle swell up like a balloon for a few days!! but as soon as that cleared up, I was back into the swing of things, I do switch my running surface up , from the road, treadmill, grass, think this definitely helped with keeping me healthy, I don’t like to pound the tarmac all the time, plus I do en corporate stretch bands into my training, so I use them for 10-15 mins before going out before most runs, static stretching is not for me I’ve found a good dynamic warm up more beneficial. Treadmill running has helped me a lot this year, especially when I’ve had the kids over and I have no choice but to get it done, but also splitting my sessions on there, I’ve really found the benefits of this, it’s definitely helped with locking in certain paces and getting me to feel what that pace is like with no pace fluctuating. So when I go and to a session on the road or grass I found myself to be more efficient.

Leg swings with a resistance band

I’ve also got to train is beautiful places across the Uk, from trail running in The Lake District, beach running along the coast, and exploring Lincolnshire’s pretty hidden villages,

And I got to explore most of these with my beautiful new training buddy and girlfriend Anna 💕🥰. She came into my life this year and stole my heart, we shared our passions, and love exploring across the country

Love you darling and here’s to many more adventures together in 2023 🥰🥰

I know this is a typical British thing to talk about, but the weather has certainly played it’s part this year, from going down to -8 c ❄️ to hitting highs of 40 c in the summer ☀️

Definitely the hottest race I’ve ran in, if I remember it was around the 32 degrees C

Throughout the different seasons though you do get some beautiful imagery, love capturing beautiful photos when out and about, weather it’s on an easy run or just a walk or a hike.

Finishing off the year, running the local Santa run in Great Hale, fantastic little event and very well organised, so much fun. 1st home and winning a bit of wine. My gorgeous girl came in 2nd lady. But the fun factor was 100% there.

2022 you have been kind, in many ways, through races and performed well in, and in meeting my beautiful girl. So many memories made this year, but we move forward into 2023, and I’ll be starting the year off into a marathon block, Manchester Marathon and sub 3 is in my sights, let’s see what happens 😉👍🏻

One last Thank you goes to my coach, Gary, who again has supported me throughout the year, who plans all my sessions for me, I honestly don’t know what I do without you, thank you for all your time and support 👍🏻

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