Marathon Training Week # 2

2nd week of training started off with a 18 mile long run split, 11 mile @ 7:05 pace then 7 @ 6:50 pace. Headed out and bang straight away the brutal head winds hit ! But I soon turned out of the winds and headed into the fen roads, long clear straight roads! Was sitting comfortably at 7:05 pace, got to about mile 6 and had to turn around to head back into the village and was caught by those winds, so had to think on my feet a bit about the route, so I changed it as soon as I got into the village and did 2 loops around it, to keep changing direction and to get some shelter from those winds, kinda enjoyed the twisty turns at pace, got into the marathon paced miles and found that extra burst of energy and settled into a good rhythm, only used 1 gel today, felt fine and last week I practiced taking gels at every 5k and my stomach felt good on it. Before I knew 18 miles where done and run completed 👍🏻… Tuesday was a double day, but both easy miles, Wednesday was 11 & 6:50 pace, same again with the winds 🤔 definitely playing a big part of my training so far, especially where I should run, so for me again was 2 loops of my village, but the 11 miles felt good and the pace was within comfort zone. So far so good 😊

Easy miles on the treadmill, saving my legs from pounding the tarmac

My session this week was 3x2miles and 6x1min, this felt tough, suppose I was still feeling a little fatigued from the 2 big runs of the week, but got the job done.

Recovery is so important throughout the week for me, weather is putting my feet up when I’m feeling tired after the runs, or even going for a slow walk afterwards if I’m feeling to stiff, I really just try and listen to my body and what it wants.

Easy Thursday night miles. What I love about evening running on my own is sometimes it can be so quite, and you can just ppl going about there own business in there homes, even the smell of foods as you run by ppl’s homes and what there having for tea.
Easy miles on a Sunday morning to finish my week off. 80 miles for the week and feeling ready for the next.

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