Training shoe of 2022

Should have posted this a couple of weeks ago, but sadly life gets in the way sometimes, but I’m finding myself with a little time on my hands this afternoon, so here’s my thoughts on my ‘Go To’ shoe of 2022.

The On Cloud Monster !!!

This shoe for me has surprised me the most, now I’ve ran in On before and I’ve just not got on with the shoe company, found them way to firm, no energy return, and the durability was terrible! However, this came along, and wow ! The shoe just keeps on giving, I’ve logged over 450 miles in this now, long runs, easy runs and stead ish runs, for me the shoe felt so light underfoot, it felt bouncy, but not zoom x squishy, it had the right amount of firmness, there is a plate in the shoe which isn’t to ridged. Taking this shoe on a long easy run felt great. The shoe has got over 450 miles in it and I’ll see how many more I can get out of it. Would I buy this again ? 100%, yes.. the shoe just worked for me and my biomechanics…

Shoe rotation to date….

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