Leicester City 10k Race Day

January 29th, and my first race of 2023, going into this race I wasn’t sure what to expect from the race being deep in marathon training, but I felt in good shape so took the race as a pb opportunity. The morning of the race me and my girl (Anna) headed out from her house and made our way down to Leicester city to the start line, it was quite a fresh morning, but feeling good about the race and typical race nervous kicked in.

Morning selfie with Anna xxx
Start line
Starting area

We both got our numbers from the collection point, and of course the usual toilet stop 🤭. Went off to do my usual warm up and drills. So started at the start and did just over a mile, a selection of drills and a handful of strides. Got into the starting area and looked around at the competition, the starting official ushered us to the start line, I was on the 2nd row, the wheelchair athletes went off first then the count down and we were off, the start was at a blistering fast pace ! I rained the pace in and kept myself in check as some of the guys went off way to quick, so I settled into a pace of 5:50 which was fine. Clipping along nicely, after the 2nd right hand bend I noticed this hill ! And thought “ are we going up that “ ! Thinking this was a flat course, anyway I worked up the hill and it levelled out and we took another right hand turn and low and behold there was another hill ! 😳 after getting to the top of this one I really had to switch my mine set from running a pb to just finishing and having a strong run. We then ran around the University and on approach to the Uni there was a pretty short and steep hill which really was a leg burner, going through the Uni we headed into Victoria Park, this was nice until the 180 degree bends kicked in ! Which just killed your pace, there was 2 or 3 of these bends around the park. Coming home into the last 3k was good cause it started coming back into the city and the last 1-2k was a slight downhill, the crowd support was building to, so at this point just gave everything I had left and got these little legs turning 😆, but the final right had turn came and I saw the finish line I kicked again and came home in 38:40, my 3rd fastest 10k of all time, 5th Vet 40 and 35 over all out of just over 800 entries.

Finished results
In the first mile
Think is my favourite shot of the day
Running down the finish stretch
Think I was checking the clock coming in 😆
Determined to finish
Job done !

Happy with the result especially on that course, and straight back into marathon training now.

At the finish with my girl, and celebrating, good day, and a big congratulations to Anna coming home under 50 minutes especially with feeling under the weather to. Well done babe xxxx

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