Week 4 of Marathon Training completed

These weeks seem to be flying by, so this week was a reduced mileage week due to racing on the Sunday. The week started off a 20 mile long run split, 13 @ 7min pace then 7 @ 6:50 pace, this was the first 20 mile run of the training block. For the I decided to do an out n back course, wore an other pair of Alphaflys, seeing as this was going to be my marathon shoe, and have to admit the run went pretty great, keeping disciplined and keeping that pace in the correct zones was tricky but it’s something that has to be done and teaches you not to go off to hard on race day, but ticking off my 20 miler and nailing it felt great. Luckily next day was a double run easy day, but wow the first run of the day was a 7 miler and I felt so stiff it was crazy, so pulled the pace right back and just shuffled along, I remember that day being incredibly cold 🥶 face and figures were numb ! Lucky I did feel better on the evening run, I jumped onto the treadmill on zwift and ticked over nicely over a 10k.

Wednesday mid week long run was 13 @ marathon pace, and again felt good, and was definitely warmer to, crazy weather ! No session this week due to race. So weekly mileage finished off at 77 miles.. Race day was at the Leicester 10k, I will do a race report on my day in the coming days so will talk about that experience in another blog, but marathon training is on going, eek 5 starts on Monday… 👍🏻

Weekly mileage

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