Week 7 marathon training

A bit late posting the week’s roundup of training, but life is turning very busy at the moment, me and Anna have decided to move in together, so in the middle of a house move as well as marathon training! Not the best of timing but we’ve found a perfect family home.

So the weeks training kicked off with a recovery run, not my usual Monday long run which I was so grateful for 😆 as my legs were still pretty sore from the Half Marathon, legs were certainly wobbly on the run, which I decided run on the treadmill to lessen impact. The rest of the week was structured with easy runs , a mid week 18 mile long run at marathon pace, which felt pretty good. The session for the week was 3×2 miles off 2 mins with 6x60sec to finish, by the time I was doing this session legs were back to feeling really good, just shows the importance of rest and recovery after a big race, listening to your body and if you need to easy run then that’s fine, there was sometimes early part of the week where I was just shuffling 😆 but it definitely help shake out any stiffness. Volume for the week was a aim for high 80’s so it was 87.

Weekly volume.

Already in week 8 so I shall review the week’s training asap 😉 in between all the packing that is 😆

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