Marathon training week 8

Another late post 😆, life is getting very busy at the moment, marathon training, house moving, but that’s another week of training completed, and I seem to be heathy and injury free ( touch wood !)

The week starts as usual with the long run which was 21 miles this week, 14 at 7 min pace then 7 at 6:50 pace ( marathon pace) today was gonna be a race prep day, so I practiced my race day breakfast, a bagel, jam, and banana 🍌, an electrolyte drink and coffee. Just before I headed out the door I had a high 5 gel, and I took 4 more gels with me, which I planned to take every 30 mins. The weather wasn’t the greatest today, the wind was very strong, but I was up for this run. The course was an out n back route. The first half of the run I was hovering around the 7 min pace, but the wind was battering me, but I seemed to keep pace okay, I looped round at the 10.5 mile point and headed back, at mile 14 picked up the pace to 6:50 pace, still feeling good but holding the pace in these conditions was challenging, I thought by doing a out n back course I would get some reprieve on the way back, but it was more cross and head winds. The gels seemed to go down well and no issues with them setting which is great. I managed to complete the run but I felt battered, the weather conditions in this marathon block have been the biggest challenge so far. The pace was hard to keep on top of today, but looked at it as more an effort based run, miles banked and a solid effort..

Mid week long run was 14 miles at 6:55 pace ( so around MP) I managed to tick this one off at the pace I wanted, and even managed a last mile split of 6:38, just to see if I could kick on , on tired legs.

Session for this week was 10 x 1k. And weekly volume of 90 miles. Another week banked, keeping the rest of the weekly runs at a easy pace effort.

Saturday evening easy run, took this beautiful photo of a double rainbow!! Right after I took this I got absolutely soaked 😆
Black clouds looming 😆
Weekly volume complete 👍🏻

Getting ever closer to the house move, only another week to go before I move in with my girl, new running routes to explore, and new adventures to have together. 95 miles on the cards next week. Let’s see if I can make it out the other side in one piece 😆

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