Week 9 Manchester Marathon Training completed

Dunno how I’m doing this but I’m managing to tick off the weeks, getting the training done. This week was a volume of 95 miles which I managed. Mondays Long run was 22 miles split, 15 at 7:00 min pace, 7 at 6:50 pace, my old Alpha flys where brought out for this run, weather was okay at the start but all I remember from this run was I got a bit of everything thrown at me, head winds, cross winds which whipped your legs, driving rain, bright sunshine, and some still conditions ! Very bizarre! And of course finishing the run , about the last 2 miles into head wind. The final 5k I did notice some cramping kicking in my legs,around my inner thighs and quads, now I know route I chose was quite undulating, but surprised me how my legs reacted. Nutrition wise I stuck with the hi 5 gels, one every 30min on the run, plus took one just before heading out the door. Got the run done, felt good and recovery from the run was fine to. I’ve always found after I’ve showered I like to go out for a walk around my village, definitely helps me recover better, I really don’t like just to sit down with my feet up, I just stiffen up so bad.

Long run

Tuesday was easy double day which was so nice, Wednesday was mid week long run, 15 miles at marathon pace ( 6:50 pace ) for this I did 3 loops of a 5:25 mile loop which I know really well, only took 1 gel with me today, and weather conditions were pretty good today, with it being a looped course there was a 1 1/2 mile section coming back into the village which was head wind, but that was find. Nailed this run and I think it probably was one of the best I’ve felt, just ticking over at this pace nicely.

Thursday was and easy run and my session which was 6x1mile the 6x1min all off 2 min jog, I tried to keep the mile efforts around 10k pace ish, then about 80% for the 1 min efforts.

Rest day Friday and easy running Saturday and Sunday, 95 miles bagged, onto week 10.

Sleep I’ve made a priority, going to bed at 9:30 and making sure I’m getting 8 hours or more sleep has helped to recover, keeping on top of things like hydration, using my stretch bands, foam rolling etc, definitely helping keeping me healthy. And on top of everything, the house move is in full swing! Nearly packed up now and only 1 more week to go till I move in with my gorgeous girl and bestie 🥰 her support has been amazing throughout my training block xx

Weekly mileage

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