Marathon Training week 3 completed….

Well that brings to an end to a 90 mile week, forgotten how time consuming a 90 mile week was 😆 🥱. Week started with a 19 mile long run, split 13 at 7:05 pace and 6 at marathon pace 6:50. The route I took was a big loop took me through, a number of villages. The course was a little undulating and the weather certainly played its part again, head winds, cross winds, rain. But managed to hit pace targets tho, but I didn’t take any gels on the run and I was feeling it in the last 4 miles, I suppose that was inevitably gonna happen.

The next day was a double easy day, but the weather was certainly turning very cold again, I normally go for a walk most mornings just loosen up the legs, it was very slippery out, but took it very easy. Opted for the treadmill on one of the runs. Mid week long was again a treadmill run, it was just to slippery under foot, so zwift kept me motivated, 13 miles at 7 min pace was nailed. I did manage a group run on the Wednesday evening, with my beautiful girlfriend coming along to, the Heckington village run, it was nice just to get out and have company on a run. But sadly this cold snap was the trend for the week, my session for this week was 10x1k off 1 min jog. My little was with me from Friday so having to fit the last couple of runs around him to finish off the week. Figures crossed for better weather this week 🤞

Frosty 🥶 morning
Wednesday evening run with my Girl xxx
Great Hale Church on a frosty morning

Above is a few photos I took around the village, I suppose the thing about this time of year is that it makes the landscape so picturesque ☺️

Weekly mileage completed

Mileage coming down next week due to racing, my first race in this marathon block, Leicester 10k on Sunday, my girl is also competing, should be fun, another race together 🥰. No session this coming week either.

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