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  • Life is full of surprises!

    Well only the 3rd week into the new year and already a massive change of direction for my athletics! Changing coaching, clubs, and discipline. I feel excited about the journey I’m about to go on, and a little scared I have to admit. If I don’t do this now , I don’t think I’ll ever……

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  • First Race of 2018

    Ok 2018 hasn’t got Of to a great start ( race wise), I was in Sheffield at the EIS on Saturday for the Northern Champs. I had the 400m to contend with. Now I knew I wasn’t going through to the semis , so had to focus on my heat and a good performance. Getting……

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  • Well it’s 2018 and I’m sure this year is gonna be full of challenges, but 1st I’m tell you a little about myself , and how I got into athletics . As a school boy I always loved running, loved the freedom of just running fast ! I was one of those kids who loved……

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  • Welcome

    Ok I’ve decided to ditch my old site due to a few complications . So welcome to my new site, hopefully be able to blog a lot more regularly now and keep you posted with training and race updates, and maybe an insight into my hectic family life 😉 I’ll start off by introducing myself,……

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  • First blog post

    This is the excerpt for your very first post.

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